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"We take pride in what we do"


Dirt? Does not exist in our dictionary. With our carefully regulated state of the art housekeeping service, stay clean and devoid of dirt. Professional personnel with the right equipment will ensure periodically monitored cleanliness on any scale.

#Relyon us for dirt-free places 

Manpower supply


Need of hands? We provide exceptionally skilled personnel in fields like carpenting, plumbing, painting, electrical works, AC repairing, helpers, etc. Employees are scrutinized on skill level and provided with exceptional support to ensure high quality of service. Tell us now and we provide the resources immediately for short or long term commitments.

#Relyon us for skilled work

Corporate Services


At Relyon, we value professionalism, trust and quality of service. We provide experienced professionals who are used to working in corporate environment in roles like Office Executives, Data Entry Operators, Office Assistants, Lift operators, Sales Staff, Drivers, Nursing Assistants, Ward Boys, Technical Staff, etc. Tell us the skill  you need, we have the right personnel for it.

#Relyon us for professionalism 

Garden Maintenance


Garden is a sign of beauty. Imagine a garden maintained by an expert. At Relyon, we consider gardening experts as artists. These artists are experienced and highly professional in their service. From periodic maintenance, regulating and expanding our artists are true to their name.

#Relyon us for artistic looks

Pest Control

PEST Control

At Relyon, we realise the worth of your properties. Pests cause public health issues and damages to your properties. We realise that this work requires immaculate perfection. We combine perfection with professionalism to keep your environment pest free.

#Relyon us for perfection 

Electrical Circuit

Technical services

Skill is what sets a good service apart from the regular service. At Relyon, we nurture and procure the very skill to enable technical services like electrical works, plumbing, HVAC, etc. Our employees both experienced and skilled promise an uncompromised solution.

#Relyon us for skill 

Security services

Be it offices, warehouses, residential complex, etc. At Relyon, we have well trained and professional security personnels to take care of you, your family and your belongings.

#Relyon us for peace

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